Our talented team of artists have a combined experience of over 15 years in the business of hair and makeup. While we all have a similar aesthetic, we each bring our own individual artistic touches to our work. For example, Allison specializes in updo’s, while Dana can give you the pageant hair of your dreams (like nobody’s business!) Brittany puts on eyelashes like she is signing her name, and Lindsay can recreate any look you find from Pinterest. Get to know each of us, and if you have a preference on stylist, please ask! If it doesn’t matter to you, we can place you with the right artist to best execute your bridal beauty vision.


Typically we book over a year out, but depending on the season, and our availability, we may have spots open up sooner! Please let us know your wedding date, and we will do everything we can to make it work for you!

We are equal opportunity makeup enthusiasts, meaning we are not loyal to one particular brand for every product. We use only the best makeup products, but each stylist has certain products she prefers based on your skins specific needs. We do not offer airbrush makeup services. In our experience, airbrush makeup gets a lot of unnecessary hype because it sounds cool. We have found most of our clients prefer a more flawless finish that we feel we can best provide with traditional foundation types. 

how far in advance should i book?

what kind of makeup do you use?

when should i schedule my trial?

do i need to know final numbers prior to booking?

how many artists will you bring?

may i request a bridal stylist?

We ALWAYS do trial runs for our brides. This helps us, and you the client, both feel confident that there will be no surprises on the day of! We recommend doing this 30-45 days out from your wedding. Your bridal stylist will get with you on scheduling. Trial run scheduling varies depending on our bridal stylist, but typically trial runs are scheduled T-F 10-3pm as our weekends are booked with events. Your bridal stylist can give you more specifics on her exact availability. 

Yes ma'am. We need an accurate number of all ladies needing styling prior to booking. The reason for this is we schedule our days far in advance depending on how many weddings, and how many ladies we need to plan for. 

Depending on your needs, your bridal stylist may bring an assistant to ensure all your needs are met in the time frame you have planned. You will work with your bridal stylist to create a schedule for your day. 

Absolutely! You will always know at time of booking who your bridal stylist will be, We are more than happy to take requests and will accommodate those the best we can, based on availability. We can't wait to meet you!

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